Review by K D, Glenville, New York

Eight o’clock, Monday morning at “The Queen,” as locals call it. It had been open since 7:00 AM. Then, I suppose, it accommodated crowds; a few business meetings and lots of working guys, grabbing breakfast and coffee. Now there are only a few customers here, but soon it will get busy again. I came here with an appetite, having just had “fasting bloodwork” done. My breakfast special satisfied my hunger and my appreciation of good food. The home fries were not greasy, and the bits of onion gave it a nice tang. The scrambled eggs and bacon were just right. The orange juice really hit the spot. My waitress offered a refill, but I felt satisfied with one cup of coffee. Waitresses Deborah and Lynn were courteous and efficient. The cashier counted out the amount I had offered for a tip and gave the correct change to my twenty. I stepped back out into the breezy sunshine as several other customers arrived for their delights at The Queen.